The Benjamin Collection

Beginnings Benjamin Purple

Welcome to The Benjamin Collection the very first collection created for Prayer Pieces By Gunter.

Although currently unavailable, these pieces are still stunning and spoken of by all our first customers.Β 

The BEAUTIFUL Original Benjamin Collection of Prayer Pieces By Gunter

This first of Prayer Pieces is named after the 12th son of Issac and 2nd son of Rachel, Benjamin. With her last breath during childbirth, Rachel named him Ben-Oni which means "son of my trouble". His father, Issac, changed his name to Benjamin which means "son of my right hand". Read Genesis 35:17-19.


πŸ’ŽJewelry For God’s WarriorsπŸ’Ž


Simply beautiful, handmade reminders that "...Man should always pray..." as taught by Jesus then documented in Luke 18:1.


Prayer Pieces by Gunter.




Handmade Jewelry by @yemgunter πŸ’•





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